Ahead of releasing a physical deluxe version of their EP, 'The Beauty of Independence,' G-Unit drops a new track called 'Big Body Benz.' The song features Kidd Kidd, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks sharing their dreams of nice cars with clean rims over the Ky Miller-produced beat.

On the track, Fiddy recalls his days hustling on the block and dreams of driving a luxury whip.

"This me, I want that big Benz with the emblem in the grill / Start packin' the steel, lettin' n----s know the deal / I want that s--- so bad, start thinkin' 'who I got to kill?' / That's how a n---- feel when we out there in the field / That Glock was pumpin', paper comin', how can n----s chill?," he raps.

Meanwhile, Banks raps a cautionary verse of the trial and tribulations that comes with hustling and waging street wars.

"Face the sword, no risk, no reward / Peace talk won't go no where, gets ignored / Price you can't afford, white man at your courts / Get you more, right here like before / Seen it all my life s--- end like this / Come back filthy rich, still not guilty bitch," he spits.

The deluxe version of 'The Beauty of Independence' EP will be available exclusively at Best Buy on Nov. 10. The collection will feature two bonus tracks: 'Big Body Benz' and 'Ease Up.'

Meanwhile, G-Unit will be hitting the road near the end of the month. The group will hit venues in Philadelphia (Nov. 21), Silver Spring, Md. (Nov. 22) and Boston (Nov. 23). You can cop tickets here.

Listen to G-Unit's 'Big Body Benz' Song