Get familiar with the name S1. The producer of 50 Cent’s new joint with Adam Levine, “My Life,” had a big year in 2012, but aims to be a household name by the end of 2013. He could very well end up being this year’s Hit-Boy.

Along with Fif, S1 has blessed tracks for big names like Royce Da 5’9’’, Lupe Fiasco and Raekwon. His work on Kanye’s next solo album could take him to the next level. We’ve already seen what working with the likes of ‘Ye (and Jay-Z at that) have done for Hit-Boy. Not that he hasn’t worked with Yeezy before, though… he’s actually the one who produced “Power.”

Sounds like he’s on his grind:

“I’m working with Lupe on his new album that is supposed to come out this year. I actually have been working a lot with him. I got a lot of songs with Lupe.”

It doesn’t end there:

“I’m working with Raekwon, Kanye, Royce Da 5’9’’ on his solo project, I’ve been sending some songs to Eminem as well. J. Cole is another one.”

Ok, ok. We see you!