Out of all the recent social media challenges that's attached to a song, Future's #MaskOffChallenge seems to be the best—at least from a creative standpoint.

If you're not aware of the challenge, it obviously goes with Mr. Hendrix's "Mask Off" cut, from the self-titled album he dropped in February. For the challenge, musicians film themselves playing the song with their instrument of choice, and of course a ridiculous number of people joined in.

For example, there's incredibly dope cello players, flutists, violinists, you name it, and just about everyone smashed their rendition of the popular tune. Plus, the challenge has pushed "Mask Off" to gold status, which Future recently tweeted about.

"Mask off #GOLD," he wrote. "Thanks to my riders ... We not done yet."

You can see some of the participants of the challenge below, and if you're a musician who has some skills, it's not too late to show off your chops. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a response from the Freebandz leader himself.

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