Rapper Future was a last minute addition to the 2015 Governors Ball Music Festival, and the crowd was more than happy to welcome him with open arms on Friday (June 5).

With the rain clearing up and the sun finally peaking through the clouds, it seemed like the Atlanta rhymer was the man who finally made it stop raining at the festival. Starting off his set with a mash-up of recordings to add some drama to the performance, Future stepped out onstage in an all-black ensemble including shades and a wider brimmed fedora.

With rousing performances of "Same Damn Time" and "Trap N----s," he really got festival attendees going with "Chosen One." Not only did a good amount of them start making friends and grinding up on one another, but the fans were spitting out every single lyric to the song.

Midway in his set, Future and his DJ started a little competition by seeing who could be louder by putting the New York fans against out-of-towners. And even though herds of locals attended Governors Ball this year, there were many who flew in from all over the country and even the world to come to the music fest.

While the cheering match continued throughout the set, Future also tested the crowd to see who were his real devotees by playing a number of old school tracks including "Jealous," "Tony Montana," "Magic" and "Honest." He also paid homage to the trophy wives out there and got the couples in the crowd to get a little bit closer with "I Won."

See photos from Future's show at Governor's Ball above.

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