French Montana kicked off the year with the 'Coke Boys 4' mixtape, and has big plans for 2014, including another new music release.

The rapper shares that his sophomore album is titled 'Mac & Cheese 4.' Plus, he's in the studio with heavyhitters like Kanye West.

The Bronx, N.Y., native tells Rolling Stone that the first single off the project will be out within the next two months. "I'm going back to the essence on this album," he says of his sonic direction. "We're giving the fans that grew up on me what they want."

The 'Pop That' rhymer also reveals that the LP will feature a song with Macklemore called 'Nightmare' as well. The two were spotted in the studio not too long ago.

In addition to his own album, Montana is hard at work recording collaborations for Rick Ross' album, 'Mastermind,' and West's forthcoming opus. "We're supposed to be working on a couple of songs together for his album," he states of working with 'Ye. "He got a special project coming out."