This past Wednesday Hot 99.1 brought together 5 Local Artists and 2 DJ's to present to you Freestyle Friday's 'NO BEEF' Special Edition featuring AirlineJay, Flee, Eli McFly, Papa Dukes, Legend, DJ Ketchup and DJ Show. Dedicating this to everyone who has lost someone to violence, bringing back the concept of positivity, these local acts have come together to showcase their talent while helping to promote keeping the peace and uniting.


Taking place in a big Garage-like fairly empty space, DJ Show and DJ Ketchup do their thing while the acts prepare to step in front of the camera. When it was time for the MC's to get in cypher mode and the camera's started rolling it was AirlineJay up first, then Flee, then Papa Dukes, Eli McFly, and Last but not least Legend. Each rapper having their own style, swag, and confidence made the evening well worth my time.

Now, I don't have the video for you right this second so your going to have to stay tuned and keep checking the website for it! I know I know I cant wait either! Look for Tanch to post the video on his Freestyle Friday segment. If your a fan of Hip Hop like we are, you're going to love it. Are you going to check out the Freestyle Friday's: NO BEEF Edition? Leave a comment and let us know!

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