Freddie Gibbs is known for his lyrical storytelling, but this time, the Gary, Ind. rhymer recently shared a pearl-clutching incident during a podcast interview.

On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Podcast, which aired on Tuesday (Feb. 23), Gangsta Gibbs discussed the invention of the .45 caliber bullet with Rogan and comedian Brian Moses. Amid the conversation, Gibbs revealed that he shot a "crackhead" a while back and the man kept running.

"You know, this is some real shit because there’s a crackhead back in the day. I shot the nigga nine times with a TEC-9, and he kept running down the alley," Freddie Gibbs explained.

While speaking on the creation of the bullet, Moses said that at the time, police tried to stop a Black man, who worked on a dock in the 1900s, that was accused of raping a woman by shooting at him. However, the bullets, according to Moses, weren't powerful enough to take the man down due to the cocaine he was on that helped himself and other ship workers stay up during long shifts. Thus, stronger bullets—the .45 caliber bullet—were allegedly created.

A number of people were perplexed by Freddie Gibbs' admission and shared their thoughts in the comment section of the podcast video on Joe Rogan's YouTube page.

One YouTube user wrote, "Freddie Gibbs talking about shooting a crackhead 9 times like it's a nerf gun fight with his friends."

Another said, "'I shot a crackhead 9 times with a tec 9 back in the day'
Well that escalated quickly..."

The subject matter then shifted to a conversation about crack and cocaine, which was legal to use at the time.

Check out the conversation below. Freddie Gibbs shares his story around the 1-minute mark.

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