Freddie Gibbs continues to take aim at Gunna as their beef rages on. This time, Freddie pokes fun at Gunna's outfit and the "Pushin P" song trend that is taking off on social media.

On Freddie's Instagram Story today (Jan. 17), he reposted a meme from Instagram user @kingpin.kash_ that makes fun of Gunna's new track.

"Only 🅿️you N***as is


🅿️ussy &

🅿️illow Talkers," the meme reads with the words "& 🅿️athetic" added by @kingpin.kash_.

Then Freddie added "🅿️eons" and "I'm pushin 🅿️🐰" to the image.

The "P" in "Pushin P," which appears on Gunna's new album, DS4Ever, stands for "player." Gunna has shared several explanations of how to use the word since his album dropped. Ultimately, it means to keep it real.

Freddie didn't stop there with the clowning. He also pulled out a photo of Gunna with what appears to be a fan, standing in front of the DS4Ever album artwork. In the image, which Freddie also posted on his Instagram Story today, Gunna is wearing a long bubble coat for the winter with sleeves that blossom at the top like a blouse. The YSL artist is also rocking a hat decorated with what seems to be gold ornamentation on it. Freddie @'d the Instagram account @fitaintnothing on the photo. The IG account is dedicated to flaming people for wearing bad ’fits. "TAKE THAT SHIT OFF !!" is listed in their bio.

Freddie and Gunna's beef has been ongoing since Jan. 5 when Gunna went on Twitter ahead of his DS4Ever album release to hint at an upcoming diss directed toward Freddie that was dropping.

"When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will the biggest moment of his career," Wunna tweeted.

The diss culminated in the song "Poochie Gown," on which Gunna raps, "Hang above the rim/I can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs (No)/Niggas tellin’ fibs (Fibs)."

The beef between Gunna and Freddie Gibbs likely started when the latter took subliminal shots at Gunna in 2020, for appearing on a news program years ago to discuss an incarcerated cousin serving life in prison for the death of a little girl. Gunna claims his cousin is innocent for the accused crime. Freddie thought Gunna was on the Crime Stoppers TV show, however, it was actually a CNN news program, according to Gunna.

In May of 2020, Freddie tweeted that if a person appears on Crime Stoppers, they're a snitch.

"If u was on crime stoppers TV u a snitch. Ain’t no way around it," Freddie wrote.

Throughout this month, Gunna and Freddie Gibbs have gone back-and-forth on social media with disses both direct and subliminal. Even Young Thug has made it clear that he is on the side of Gunna in this beef.

Watch the video for Gunna's "Pushin P" featuring Young Thug below.

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