DaBaby is trying out some melodies on his new song and people have negative thoughts about the change in direction he's taking.

Yesterday (Jan. 16), the rapper dropped a new song titled "Sneaky Link Anthem" with a video that he directed himself. The track's verses feature DaBaby's familiar rap cadence, but the chorus showcases a different side of himself that hasn't been heard until now.

"They so sneaky," he croons in the heavily Auto-Tuned melody. "They don't know, they don't know, sneaky," is repeated four times to complete the chorus.

The song has begun making its rounds on social media and individuals are voicing their heavily negative opinions on it.

"Nah he owe me money for listening to this," wrote one Twitter user.

"This is the worst piece of music I've ever heard in my life," another person typed.

The shots at DaBaby's new sound don't look like they're going to be stopping any time soon.

You can check out the song in full, along with a handful of additional reactions, at the bottom of this post.

DaBaby isn't starting off 2022 with the most positive reaction from fans after having a rocky second half to 2021. It started in July with his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud Miami, which lead to him getting dropped from numerous festivals and shows.

After a whirlwind of countless headlines, it seemed the "Rockstar" rapper had managed to get the dust to settle for the remainder of 2021. However, in November, drama around the rapper erupted yet again when a situation between himself and DaniLeigh, the mother of his youngest daughter, unfolded in real time on Instagram Live. DaBaby ended up calling the police on Dani and she was charged with simple assault.

Take a listen to DaBaby's "Sneaky Link Anthem" below.

As mentioned, more reactions to the song can be found below as well.

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