Flavor Flav  is back in the news and this time for a repeat offense. The Public Enemy member had a garage full of explosives for this year's July 4th celebration, but he didn't get a chance to light up the sky with a single one last night. Cops shut down the entire extravaganza.

TMZ reports that Flav was ordered by Las Vegas police to refrain from igniting any of the fireworks or he'd be arrested.

Apparently he didn't have to pay for the mini-bombs ($8,000 dollars worth) because he exchanged his talents -- he did an ad for a local fireworks company -- for the goods. We cannot wait to see that advertisement!

Last year, Flav made headlines for lighting fireworks at his Las Vegas home, which looked like a "post-apocalyptic war-zone" when cops arrived. He was asked to stop the light show, but wasn't threatened with an arrest.

Check Out Flavor Flav's 4th of July Encounter With Police Last Year

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