In today's Blank Stare News a Dru Dehart Florida teacher has been fired for ordering an attack on a student...

Reports WPTV

In march 2013, a 7th grader, Radravious Williams, was attacked by a group of students at Northport K-8 school. Dehart is accused of encouraging the attack after Williams reportedly threatened her.

What was Dru Dehart thinking ? Obviously she wasn't thinking at all. In today's Bully free school system, there are serious consequences for saying the wrong thing to someone, let alone putting your hands on a student. She should've known better as an adult. She basically ordered a hit on 7th grader, she deserved to be fired. I'm sure this family will be financially rewarded for this incident.

This woman has watched way to many mafia films to actually think she was going to get away with doing something like this to a child. Well this did happen in Florida so I'm surprised anything happened to her at all.