A rep for RBC tells XXL that the fight took place between Polo G's crew and one of the promoters who organized the event. He says the conflict stems from trash-talking on both sides and it eventually evolved into a fight between both parties. He says he doesn't think Polo G was directly involved in the incident, but it was someone from his crew.

The rep also clarifies that there was no gun in the venue, but someone did shout that someone had a weapon, and that's why everyone in the venue went into a state of panic. From there, Dallas PD stepped in to control the situation and the show was subsequently canceled and everyone was asked to leave.

A rep from Polo G's camp says the following of the incident: "A member of Polo G’s team was assaulted. In an effort to protect his family an altercation occurred with several individuals, Polo G and his team. Polo did not sustain any injuries."


A Polo G show in Dallas, Texas turned violent on Saturday night (Sept. 21).

The Chicago rapper performed last night as part of his Die a Legend Tour at the RBC in the Deep Ellum section of the city. Video that has surfaced of the performance shows a chaotic scene. In the clip, a mass of humanity can be seen moving frantically while concertgoers close to the action can be heard reacting to the violence. At one point, a person in a red shirt who appears to be Polo G can be seen going after someone near the stage. He seems to be restrained by his security.

After the fight, the show was reportedly canceled. Those in attendance spilled out into the street. At one point, it looks like G's team escorts him to his Sprinter. Police show up a short time afterward, as the streets begin to fill with those who had left the prematurely ended concert. It is unclear what started the uproar. Some people who claimed to be in attendance reacted to what happened on social media. There may have been more to the situation than what was seen on video.

"Nigga Polo g was chasing a nigga downtown 😂😂 tryna fight," one person posted.

"We ran wit polo g just to see sum shots LMFOAO," another person added.

Polo, who was hospitalized after getting a "lil too lit" last month, has yet to comment on the fight on social media. XXL has reached out to Polo G's team and RBC for a comment but have not heard back as of press time.

See a longer video of what went down below.

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