YouTuber Jake Paul is still down to squab with Soulja Boy but claims the rapper doesn't want the smoke.

Paul talked to TMZ in an interview posted on Saturday (Sept. 21), where he addressed his long-running back and forth with Big Soulja over who would win in a boxing match.

"Soulja Boy is scared, bro," Paul told the celebrity news site. "I'm in talks with his manager and his manager is like, 'I don't know, bro. How much money would he make? I don't know, you got them hands, bro. You got them hands.'"

Paul thinks Soulja would benefit from the fight. "Soulja needs something to revive his career right now and this could be it," Paul added. "I think he is stupid if he doesn't do the fight and he's all talk."

The two have been in talks to fight since February when Paul challenged SB to a boxing match with the winner taking home $20 million.

"There's just a lot of controversy around him and I think people would love to see him get knocked out," Paul said. "I'm sure people want to see me get knocked out too so that's why I think it'll be a big fight."

A few days later, Soulja confirmed the fight would happen. However, a couple months later, he was sentenced to jail time. Soulja Boy was released from jail five months early in July after serving time for a probation violation. The normally outgoing rapper has been silent on social media and musically since his release after claiming he would have the biggest comeback of 2019 when he got out.

See Jake Paul talk about throwing hands with Soulja Boy below.

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