Trippie Redd recently shared a snippet of a new song and fans are convinced he is trying to sound like Playboi Carti.

On Monday (March 23), Trippie unveiled a preview of a new track called "Hello Kitty" featuring Sunny2point0 via Instagram Live. On the bass-heavy song, the Ohio rapper spits, "Hellcat say 'Meow' (Meow)/Smokin' cat piss, see now (See now)/Tryna see what I be 'bout (Be 'bout)/Stuntin' hard on you peons (Peons)/Nigga feelin' like Deon (Deon)/Nigga feelin' like Elon (Elon)/I'm a sicko like Ian (Ian)/Nigga know what we be 'bout (Be 'bout)/Fuck her good, pull her weave out (Weave out)/Tryna see what she 'bout (She 'bout)/Wet-wet, call her Seamount (Seamount)."

The voice on the record sounds curiously like Playboi Carti, but Trippie clarified it was him in the comments section when a fan questioned it.

"Nope, that's me," Trippie confirmed.

Carti fans were not quiet about their feelings on Trippie's new sound.

"We asked for whole lotta red not whole lotta redd," one Twitter user commented.

Others were in disbelief. "He has to be trolling," another person added.

Last summer, Trippie announced he and Carti were coming out with a joint EP "sooner than later." Carti has yet to comment on the release and nothing has come of it thus far. Last August, Carti appeared on the Trippie track, "They Are Afraid of You." However, the song was pulled from streaming services a short time later.

See fans' reactions who think Trippie Redd is trying to sound like Carti below.

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