The March 1997 slaying of Notorious B.I.G. has remained an unsolved murder case for nearly 20 years. Despite many theories and speculations, there hasn't been an official report on who actually killed the late rapper. Biggie's widow, Faith Evans, appeared on the 'Arsenio Hall Show' Friday night (Jan. 17) and gave fans an update on the matter.

The former Bad Boy Records artist said that the family has stopped putting money into the investigation because the Los Angeles Police Department are being lax in finding Biggie’s killer or killers.

"So it's not closed, it's just a matter of when they really feel they wanna do the right thing, because we, in our hearts, feel we know what happened, and we believe they know what happened," she explained to Arsenio.

Evans believes the LAPD are not willing to solve the case because they could possibly face lawsuits.

"It'll probably be the biggest case in the city's history," she said. "They don't feel good about possibly having to write a check that big. But for us, it's not about that. We spent millions of dollars on lawyers' fees [and] we've never gotten anything from it."

"It's more about trying to do what's right," she continued. "For his son, for his family, for his loved ones, and for his kids. We've definitely gotten to a point where we realize that it's possible that they might never [solve the case] and that's really sad."

The conversation turned upbeat when Arsenio asked Evans to perform her latest single 'Tears of Joy' from her album, 'R&B Divas.' The 40-year-old singer tore the roof off the place with her gospel-esque rendition of the love ballad.

Later this year, Evans plans to release her eighth full-length album titled 'Incomparable.' The collection will boast guest appearances from Jazmine Sullivan, Missy Elliott and Karen Clark-Sheard.

Watch Faith Evans Perform 'Tears of Joy' on the 'Arsenio Hall Show'