It takes wherewithal to make it in hip-hop, especially with the pace that the genre moves at in 2020. Future, who's currently 10 years deep in the rap game, has been dropping music consistently since he began rapping and evolving through each of his releases. The Atlanta rapper's first musical appearance that really went from coast-to-coast was his feature on YC's 2011 song "Racks," on which he shined. His solo work really began to come together after that. From there, the rest is history.

Future has 30 projects in his catalog, a testament to how passionate he is about music, and how far he's willing to stretch himself creatively. The Pluto we know in 2020 is much different from the artist in 2010. Here, XXL ranks every Future project, from then to now.

Hendrix's career is quite expansive, with a litany of albums, mixtapes and EPs punctuating his creative output. Since the release of 1000, his first mixtape in 2010, Future hasn't really taken a substantial break, as he always has a new project either out or on the way. For some artists, this kind of strategy led to their career burnout, but all of this music allowed Future to find his sound out in the open while still maintaining relevance. Without the Pluto and Honest albums, you never get to the highs of DS2 or Future and Hndrxx.

In addition to that, Future's mixtape history is also incredible, as he cut his teeth in that arena, then kept releasing tapes after he became a more established artist. Future embracing the idea of releasing music for free feeds directly into his three-peat with Monster56 Nights and Beast Mode, all of which helped take him to the moon.

Check out all the projects in Future's discography and see where your favorite ranks.—Robby Seabrook III

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