Erykah Badu wants you to know she's not pregnant. Following her performance at the 2015 Roots Picnic on Saturday (May 31), the R&B songbird became the subject of rumors that she was expecting after a video of her twerking onstage surfaced.

In the clip above, the “On and On” singer was having a little fun and let the audience know that she can pop her booty too. During her twerking session, her stomach was revealed, which sparked the rumors that she might be pregnant.

Some of the questions her fans were asking included: Is she pregnant? Whose baby is it? Is her former boyfriend Jay Electronica the father?

Well, to sum it up, Ms. Badu is not with child, she’s just a little overweight, according to her. The singer, and mother of three children, went on Twitter to clear things up.

Props to her for owning up to her battle of the bulge. At 44, she's still got it even if she thinks she's "just fat." She should call Tyrone so so they can hit the gym together.

What do you think of the hoopla surrounding Erykah Badu's pregnancy rumors? Tell us in the comments below.

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