The biggest show of the year returns with a vengeance. EMPIRE Season Premiere SEPT 23 at 9/8c on FOX! I just checked out the upcoming season's trailer below. Here are some things I got from the preview.

  • Luscious Lyon is still in prison
  • His sons are in a battle to control Empire
  • Cookie Lyon is still in love with Luscious
  • Jamal seems to have stepped up and is really taking a leadership role
  • It looks like Jamal and Luscious have repaired their relationship
  • Hakeem is still not taking things seriously

It looks like the show will still be action packed and have plenty of drama. I didn't see Gabourey Sidibe, so it looks like the rumors were true about her being axed from this season. I did catch Chris Rock in one of the prison scenes ?  I wonder what his role will be ?  Over all this looks like the next season will keep people on edge.