Following the release of 'Cold Case,' Elle Varner debuts her latest emotional jazz track, 'See Me Tonight.'

The song begins with an orchestra led by the trumpet. This is the kind of track that transports you to a noir jazz club, in which Elle is in the spotlight, pouring out her heart in front of a large microphone. A steady drum beat and bass signal for her vocals to begin. 'See Me Tonight' conveys the ill feelings Elle has for a relationship turned sour. She put in so much work, only to find it was all a lie -- regret is the theme here.

"Time I gave for you / To do what you did / And I'm not really clear / While we're here my dear / Looks like we got a serpent in the sheets / My fear, you was never really in love with me / And now, it's sinking in the waters / Being deep in here / I'm almost drowning," she sings in the first verse.

The latest single off of her upcoming album, 'Four Letter Word,' 'See Me Tonight' is based on the idea of "lies." The songstress will premiere two more songs dedicated to other four-letter words (probably of the emotional variety) over the next few weeks leading up to the release of the album.

'Four Letter Word,' is executive produced by Pop & Oak and will arrive this summer.

Listen to Elle Varner's 'See Me Tonight'