Are we this unhappy in the Captial Region that we are the state's biggest booze hounds?

24/7 Wall Street has named their drunkest cities/metro areas in every state, and it turns out the booziest New York cities are right here in the Capital Region. I know we love our craft beer, hard cider, and local distilleries - but the drunkest in the entire state of New York? It takes a lot of work to chug that much hooch.

Apparently, the partiers in AlbanySchenectady-Troy were up to the task this year as it has been determined the tri-city metro area we know and love is New York's drunkest. So how was this dubious honor determined? A study by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation basically determined the rate of excessive drinking for every metro area in the nation. And guess what? That percentage of drinkers overdoing it in the tri-cities was highest out of any New York metro area.

24/7 defines excessive drinking as "... binge drinking or heavy drinking..." that involves "... more than four drinks in a single occasion for women and more than five drinks for men."  The average for "excessive drinking" across the state is 19.2 percent of the population. In Albany-Schenectady-Troy that number pops to 22.7 percent.

But guess what - the dubious honors don;t end in New York. Nationwide, our tri-cities metro is the 41st drunkest in the NATION. Is it the stress if the New York lifestyle? Is it the taxes? Either way, maybe we should make a collective resolution to cut back on the booze in 2022!.

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