Week 4 in the NFL brought a rash of injuries to star players, which means Week 5 will bring a whole new group of back-ups into starting roles.

With new starting players, come new waiver wire targets, and your chance to deepen your roster.

The New York Jets are slowly, but surely, figuring things out after a few rough weeks to begin the Saleh-Wilson era. The team is getting healthier, Zach Wilson is becoming a more competent NFL quarterback, and other players are beginning to realize their potential.

Need a starter in a pinch? Want to add a bit of depth for later in the season? Bored out of your mind? Here are ten players I think you should be targeting on your fantasy football waiver wire.

The Drive's Waiver Wire Wednesday - Week 5

Injuries were abound in Week 4 of the NFL, and that means a number of players will be thrust into starting roles for their teams during Week 5. Here are the players you should be targeting.

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