Someone made a "driving on the Northway" Bingo card and it's pretty funny.  Whether you're someone who takes I-87 on a regular basis or you try to avoid The Northway like the plague, you'll find most of the squares on this Northway Bingo card quite amusing.

Brian Cody
I-87 Google Maps

Commuter Struggles

My morning show hours are less than ideal, but if there's one thing I'm thankful for about having to be at work at 5 am, it's that I don't have to deal with Northway traffic during a morning or afternoon commute.

Shoutout to the Albany Reddit user who made this - I hope this post inspires other Capital Region Bingo cards.   My brain immediately takes me to a few ideas in particular like Spac Bingo, Troy Bingo, Rivers Casino Bingo, Track Season Bingo, Schaghticoke Fair Bingo, Great Escape Bingo, Empire State Plaza/State Worker Bingo, or how about Hiking the Adirondacks Bingo? Let your imagination run wild with these beauts, and feel free to add your own.

Back to Northway Bingo

Like a typical Bingo card, there are 25 spaces including the "free space" in the middle, and that one is reserved for "See a 16 Wheeler."

But it gets better from there and some of my other favorites include:

  • Exit 7 is F**k Mess
  • See a Cop Speeding
  • Car with 20+ Bumper Stickers
  • Sun Blinding You From the Side
  • White Audi Driving Like Sh*t
  • Lake George Bumper Sticker

Let's do some more

A few extras came from a Reddit user who seemed to enjoy playing along, and they added:

  • Truck Rolling Coal in Front of Prius - u/threedice
  • Horse Trailer Approaching Exit 14 - u/threedice

Another local reader added that they really enjoyed the game, but they were concerned about problems that could arise from playing while driving.

"As someone who drives so much for work and is somewhat new to the area. This is great, A+. I would play this, but a white Audi driving like shit will probably crash into me, so I (have) to keep my eyes on the road," added u/L0st_Froggo.

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