Drake is nearly finished putting the final touches on his third opus, 'Nothing Was the Same.' With two weeks away before its release, Drizzy is cutting it real close with his deadline to give the album to the label.

"I'm literally sleeping in the studio on an air mattress," he tells Rolling Stone magazine. "We're working 24-hour days to make sure the story is done, front to back. It has to be a new point of discovery."

The Young Money superstar has grown -- musically -- since the release of his previous effort 'Take Care,' which won him a Best Rap Album Grammy this year. The collection was a little melancholy as the rapper-singer reflected on the ups and downs of his success.

'NWTS' promises to be more upbeat with Drake displaying more confidence as an artist this time around. "With 'Take Care,' everything had changed so much. I was almost lost mentally, looking for something that wasn't there," he says. "With my new album, it's the most concise picture of the moment I'm in right now. I had a choice whether to hold on to whatever the past was or to fight and fully embrace this incredible time in my life."

Drake's longtime collaborator and producer Noah "40" Shebib is executive-producing the project, which boasts guest appearances from Jay Z, 2 Chainz and his boss Lil Wayne.

According to the reports, three tracks are slated for the album: 'Wu-Tang Forever,’ ’305 to My City’ and ‘Trophies,' which were produced by 40, Detail, and Hit-Boy, respectively.

40 is proud of Drake's evolution as an artist and says it's reflected in the music. "It's a huge change in tone," he said. "Before, Drake was a nice guy. Here, he's stepping up the attitude and playing hardball."

One of Drake's favorite tunes on the album is 'Paris Morton Music II,' a sequel to his introspective ballad of the same name. He believes that song is proof that he's taking his music to the next level.

"That track excites me from a rap standpoint, just getting off bars and different flows," he says. "I played it for J. Cole, on some rap buddy-buddy s---, and he was like, 'Damn!'"

We can't wait to hear it!

Drake's album 'Nothing Was the Same' will arrive in stores Sept. 24.