As he brings his successful Club Paradise Tour to a close, Drake is now planning ahead for his third LP. While much of the songs on his ‘Take Care’ album reveal the ups and downs of fame, for his new project, Drizzy will show how he has evolved as an artist.

“‘Take Care’ solidified a lot of things for me,” he tells MTV News. “[It's] a list of things that would probably be too immense to go through, but it solidified a lot of things and let me know what I want to do, and who I want to be.”

The ‘Motto’ rapper also added that his new recording will be inspired by recent events in his life, including his permanent move to Los Angeles. More importantly, he wants his music to unite people on a worldwide level.

“[It's interesting] to see artists that have a real impact on the world,” he explains. “We live in a generation where there is nothing necessarily to fight for politically, whereas in the ‘Marley’ documentary [for example] he was fighting for peace in Jamaica.”

“[There's] nothing necessarily for me to step up and say I want to fight for, but there is a way for me to give moments to the world, and to bear my emotions and hope that I’m remembered as that guy who was able to bring people together,” he continues. “I want to be that guy. I want to bring people together.”

If Drake wants to bring people together, he must first stop engaging in heated conflicts. His infamous nightclub brawl with Chris Brown will forever leave a negative impression on him to those who were injured in the fracas. Although Birdman denies that Drake did anything wrong in the fight, an eyewitness and Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, are saying things differently.

In the end, let’s hope that Drake adheres to his message of creating positive music for his generation.

Take care.

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