Is Drake preparing for retirement early? Don't get too nervous, the 25 year old rapper doesn't plan to retire just yet, but he doesn't want to be the next 30 year old rapper either. Drizzy sat with i-D Magazine to talk retirement plans, relationships, 'Take Care' album success, and whats next.Although Drake is considered to be a fairly new artists with less than five years under the belt, he's already preparing for retirement. When sitting with i-D Magazine, Drake gives us a heads-up that once he hits his 30's he plans on putting an end to his rap career. Initially i was like nooooooo not Drizzy, but then when i heard his logic around it, it all made sense. Drake feels majority of his music is based on "being young and figuring it all out," and once you hit a certain age and have lived, what more is there to talk about?


"I personally think that when I find that person and when it is established we are going to enter a serious relationship–I mean I don’t even know if I’ll still be making rap music. I don’t know how long I necessarily want to make rap music for. You know, there are artists who are 35 and up that still make rap and that still works for them. I don’t know if I want to be that guy"

Said Drake to i-D Mag. Drake isn't the only one in Young Money having thoughts of retirement. If I can remember correctly Wayne and Nicki have also had similar thoughts about retiring before getting old i mean gracefully aging =D.

While discussing past relationships and influential women, Drake talks about a song on his album called 'Look What You've Done' where he mentions an ex he is still in love with that has had the most impact on his music:


"I talk about a woman in a song on my album called 'Look What You've Done', her name is Nebbie. That was probably my most, like my happiest time in a relationship. I've had other interactions with women but that was the happiest time I ever had because I felt like she was someone i was in love with but she was my friend ya know"

I always enjoy a good Drake interview, he's very real and open about almost anything and he's obviously a smart well spoken young man. If you want to see what else Drizzy had to say in his interview with i-D Magazine just click on the link below!

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