Drake surprised fans this morning (Feb. 12) with the release of his short film titled ‘Jungle.’ The 14-minute visual offers a glimpse into Drizzy’s world now that he’s finally famous.

Directed by Karim Huu Do, the Young Money superstar takes a break from the glitz and the glamour and returns to his old stomping grounds in Toronto, Canada.

The video features vintage home movies of a young afro-ed Drizzy reciting bars from the Fugees’ ‘Ready or Not’ to his teenage years hanging out with his homeboys from high school. We then see an adult Drake sitting in the coffee shop and reflecting on his life thus far.

There’s also a big scene near the end of the film where Drake is looking glum while walking slow-motion through a party with hot women all around. But honestly, is stardom really that gloomy for the Grammy-nominated rapper?

‘Jungle’ also features a moody score from Drake’s longtime collaborator Noah “40” Shebib and a couple of snippets of new songs that sound really good.

There are rumors that Drake will drop a mixtape soon followed by his fourth album, ‘Views from the 6.’ So think of this film as a teaser of good things to come from the OVO Sound leader this year.

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