Lil Wayne might be like a big brother to Drake as far as their music careers go, but that doesn't mean that the little brother can't compete to win. The Toronto rapper has reportedly matched the Billboard Hot 100 record set by Weezy for most appearances by a solo artist.

The news came just after Drizzy was featured on Gucci Mane's "Both" record off of his The Return of East Atlanta Santa project, which hit no. 41 on the Billboard chart. Weezy has had 132 entries on the Hot 100 chart over the years, and now Drake has landed himself with the same record.

While the Glee cast has more entries on the charts with 207 in total, Weezy and Drizzy have the most appearances for a solo artist, which is why they hold the record. Their tied record beats out Elvis Presley, James Brown, The Beatles, Jay Z, and Taylor Swift, who are all in the top 10 slots. This has been a whirlwind of record-setting for Drake, as the MC has made Spotify history for being the first artist to land one billion streams, and the most-streamed artist of the year after the release of his VIEWS album.

It's safe to say that Drake demolished 2016 with his music takeover, and we can expect a prosperous 2017 for him as well, as he is set to release his More Life album at the top of the year. Congratulations to Drake on his newest accomplishment!


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