Drake gets it from his dad. The rapper's father, Dennis Graham, recently showed off his hot dance moves onstage during a tour stop in St. Louis, complete with "Drake hands."

During 'Worst Behavior," Drake's papa (who also appears in the music video for the song) hopped around in a white suit and waved his hands around in a fashion very similar to his talented son. The OVO leader has become so famous for his "Drake hands" during performances that it spawned a viral sensation online earlier this year.

Dennis Graham, also a musician, spoke to XXL about his newfound fame and starring in the 'Worst Behavior' video. "Well, Drake wrote that song pertaining to our family," he explained. "He set it up, and he wanted me to do it, so I did it. He just let me know he was going to shoot it here, and he wanted me in it. He told me to learn the song."

Watch Drizzy's dad on his worst behavior above.