On February 7th, two days after the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, die-hard Giants fans painted their faces red and blue, lined the streets and cheered as their beloved hometown heroes paraded by.

Inevitably, 2012 will bring incredible joy and/or crushing disappointment to sports fans across the US and while there’s no way to know concretely which group you’ll be in, Forbes latest annual ranking of America’s most miserable sports cities might be able to warn your if you’re headed for heartbreak.

The (so-to-speak) winner of this year’s ranking is Atlanta, whose fans suffered losses in every major sport, including the Braves’ missing out on a playoff spot on the last day of regular MLB season after seemingly nailing down a wild card spot as late as September.

Forbes created its rankings by focusing on teams that are good enough to win games, maybe even make it to a championship, but who end up leaving their cities with that sinking disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.

If you’d prefer the weather to match your own feeling of sports’ angst, perhaps move to the runner-up city of Seattle, who even slipped in the ranking of miserable sports cities as it was the winner in 2010. Fans in Phoenix (third on this year’s list), Buffalo (fourth) and San Diego (fifth) have also had to undergo a lot of heartbreak throughout the years.

Forbes looked at each city’s complete sports history into account, including only those metropolises that have at least 75 total seasons of NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB play to come up with their rankings.

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