We're in the middle of the summer, and because of this, only one of the "big four" professional sports leagues are currently playing games. So, when a sports fan is looking to take in a game, there's only one option: head to the ballpark!

Going to a baseball game: it's a sporting tradition that dates back generations. Though attendance numbers have been dwindling in recent years, millions of fans still pack the stands at MLB ballparks each season.

As each season passes by, however, it's become a bit more expensive to bring the family out for a night of baseball. Just how expensive has it become?

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New Study Unveils Price of a "Night at the Ballpark" Across MLB

A fascinating graphic began to float around Twitter earlier this week, breaking down the price of a "night at the ballpark" in 2022. More specifically, the graphic shows the prices of a ticket to the game, a hot dog, a beer and a soda, as well as the price of parking, for a family of four.

Here's how each team in Major League Baseball stacked up against each other:

According to the study, which was done by The Hustle, it is more expensive to attend a Boston Red Sox baseball game, than any other team in the country. Three teams: the Red Sox, Cubs and Yankees, have a total cost north of $300.

Individual prices have a high level of variance, as well. A ticket will cost someone anywhere from $22 to $61, while a beer is as low as $3, and as high as $12.

Now, while this data is definitely interesting, it might not be completely accurate. Fans of various MLB franchises, including the Yankees and Mets, have responded to this tweet with their own unique ballpark experiences.

Baseball Fans React to "Ballpark Prices" on Twitter

Here are some of our favorite responses to this ballpark price guide:

This one wasn't about a local team, but it made me laugh:

Even former Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon had something to say:

How about your favorite team? Did the study get the prices right at your local ballpark, or were some of the prices a bit off?

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