As we remember the life of one of the biggest STARS ever, Michael Jackson, I had to drop my TOP 10 Michael Jackson Songs of All Time!

1. "Beat It:" Jackson was able to connect different moods and genres in this song. He was able to connect pop, rock, and a little R&B in one song. You can’t help but to just dance to the addictive beat.

2. "Man in the Mirror:" Jackson is the first ever to create a pop song that also was used by gospel choirs. Through this song he was able to tell people how to change the world, by changing themselves first.

3. "I Want You Back:" Said to be the Jackson 5’s greatest song. They used influences of people like James Brown while combining the innocence of Michael’s young voice making this still a billboard hit years later.

4. "Billie Jean:" Many might not realize what or who Jackson was really referring to, but this song is a real-life incident. Jackson was accused of being the father of some woman’s baby twins, hints the lyrics “She says I am the one, But the kid is not my son.” This also happened to be the first ever music video played on MTV by a black artist.

5. "I’ll Be There:" This song was the Jackson 5’s fourth #1 hit in a row, making them the 1st black male group to achieve this; these boys were unstoppable! This was also the one of Motown’s most successful single released during that time.

6. "Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough:" This was first song Michael Jackson had complete control over since leaving the Jackson 5. He wrote the song himself proving he was not the innocent Michael in the Jackson 5 anymore.

7. "Wanna Be Startin Something:" This song is said to be one of the best album openers of all time. This song was on the album Thriller, and with its catch refrain “mama-se, mama-sa, mama-coo-sa” we are still singing it today.

8. "We Are The World:" This song written by Jackson and Lionel Richie is flexible and was able to accommodate all different vocal styles. By making the song so flexible he was able to bring different people together to sing on the track; showing that we are all different but we can come together because we are the world.

9. "Rock With You:" This was Jackson’s third #1, spending four weeks in the Hot 100’s top spot. This single also ranked #4 on the Billboard top Hot 100’s of 1980. This also considered the last hit of the disco era.

10. "This Girl is Mine:" Surprisingly this is the first single from Michael’s album Thriller. This song toped “Beat It” and “Billie Jean”. This song debuted on the Hot 100 chart at #45 and eventually rising to the #2 spot.