Desiigner is being accused of skipping Atlanta Greek Picnic. According VIBE, several people tweeted that Desiigner was to perform at a step show for the event, but apparently flaked.

"And a no show for #AGP2016 step show. He ran off with our money. Just wait on what's next...2chainz performed at our step show... Rick Ross performed at our step show ... Desiigner felt it was ok to just not show up after taking $," a rep for the event tweeted in two separate tweets.

Not a good look for the Brooklyn native, who famously raps about "broads in Atlanta" and who some have accused of "borrowing" elements of the city's culture for his hit "Panda." And the news comes on the heels of Future admitting he's never even been to the city.

He told Billboard last week that his infamous "broads in Atlanta" lyric was about a girl he'd only met on the web--not a woman that he actually met in the city.

"We never met in person," Desiigner explained. "She just said she was from ATL, so I was like, 'All right, I got broads in Atlanta.' It's real life, you feel me? I put real-life shit in my songs."