The Uncle Sam's Parking Garage in Troy - deemed unsafe for years - will be smashed to bits over the next few months and the demolition will get underway today in the "Collar City".

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While crews get to work on the nearly 50-year-old structure, the City of Troy announced that many roads and areas will have parking restrictions, while some areas may be closed altogether for many months.

Why are they tearing down the Parking Garage in Troy?

A few years ago, a test by an engineering firm revealed that the garage was falling apart and not structurally sound. That's when the recommendation came down that the garage should be replaced within ten years. The November 2019 study said:

"The Uncle Sam Parking Garage is a 40-plus-year-old parking structure nearing the end of its life cycle. We have identified several structural issues that need immediate attention that will extend the garage's life by ten or more years, but plans should be developed to replace the structure within the coming decade," the study said.

What will become of the parking garage once it's demolished?

According to, crews started prepping for the demo months ago by removing elements of the structure.  According to the source, the garage is owned by developer David Bryce who, "without offering specifics, has said he hopes to build a mixed-use structure on the site."

According to the story, Bryce purchased the 1.7-acre site in 2010 for $2.4 million.

What about road closures and parking restrictions?

On Tuesday, the city issued a traffic advisory for road closures and parking restrictions on Fulton Street associated with the deconstruction and removal of the garage. Beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Fulton Street between 3rd and 4th will be closed for an estimated three or four months while work continues through November.

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