The Guinness World Records have recognized New York resident, Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez as the world’s oldest man. The 112-year-old lives near Niagra Falls.

The man, known to his friends as “Shorty”, was born on June 8th in 1901. Yes, NINETEEN OH ONE! To put things in perspective, let’s take a look at some of the most life-changing inventions (most of which we take for granted) since Salustiano’s birth:

1902: Neon lights

1903: The Wright Brothers’ first flight

1905: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was published

1907: Color photography

1908: Gyrocompass

1910: Thomas Edison introduced the first talking motion picture

1913: The bra (in it’s modern form)

1913: Crossword puzzles

1914: Gas masks

1915: Pyrex glass

1917: The zipper

1919: Short-wave radio

1920: The band-aid

1922: Insulin

1923: Traffic signals

1923: Frozen food

1924: First spiral-bound notebook

1925: Television demonstrated

1928: Penicillin

1930: Scotch tape

1934: Rape recorders

1935: Beer is canned for the first time

1937: The photocopier

1938: Ballpoint pen

1939: First helicopter flown

1941: Aerosol cans

1943: The slinky

1943: Silly putty

1946: Microwave oven

1948: The jukebox

1948: Velcro

1951: The first video tape recorder

1951: Super glue

1954: McDonalds franchise

1959: The Barbie Doll

1962: Audio cassettes

1965: Contact lenses

1967: First hand held calculator

1968: Computer mouse

1969: ATM

1970: The floppy disc

1971: VCR’s

1972: Pong – the first video game

1974: Post-It notes

1979: The walkman

1979: Roller blades

1981: IBM introduced the PC

1988: Doppler radar

1990: World-Wide Web + HTML language

1995: DVD

1998: Viagra

1999: Google

Salustiano claims his longevity is attributed to eating one banana and six Anacin tablets (aspirin with caffeine) per day.

NOTE:  The article's featured image is not of Salustiano.  It's just a photo taken the year of his birth, 1901.  To see Salustiano today and read more about his life: