To quote former American Idol judge Randy Jackson "That's a no from me dog". Disregard that if you're into heights, this is definitely for you.

I am most certainly not trying to be a wimp when I'm saying no to this ride. I would freak out beyond belief. Did you see the photo for this article? It is a new swing ride that Darien Lake is getting. A gigantic one. So big, it will become the largest in New York upon completion, which is soon.

The new ride is named Sky Screamer. It swings in a 98-foot diameter at a speed of 35 miles an hour. If that seems cool, it stands 24 stories above the ground. For the purpose of putting that into perspective, a story is about 10 feet on average. That means you're 240 feet above the ground. Nope, nope, and nope!

Are you into that kind of ride? Well, Darien Lake is a cool place to take a weekend road trip. A video hyping the new ride is at this link from NYUP.

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