Danny Brown officially has a new title for his album—Atrocity Exhibition. He made the announcement last night (July 17) on Twitter. The rapper confirmed back in June that his next project would be released on Warp, and has already released a single from the upcoming album, "When It Rain." The song was produced by Paul White and Danny recently said in an interview with Beats I Radio that the song made him feel nostalgic.

"It reminded me of those ghettotech instrumentals you'd be jiting to at the house parties... it took me back to them days, the middle school days," he said in the interview.

Danny's album title, Atrocity Exhibition, is also the name of a Joy Division song and an experimental collection of linked novels by author J.G. Ballard, which the rapper is apparently aware of. The album is a follow-up to his 2013 release, OLD.

"Warp, I was always a fan of what they did, they have a big, strong history. I feel like I can progress a little more in that world," Danny said in the radio interview regarding his move to the label.

Fans had been anticipating the rapper announcing new music plans, particularly after his appearance this past May in the documentary, Live At The Majestic, which premiered in New York. The film was directed by Andrew Cohn, another native of Michigan, and was centered around a performance in Danny’s hometown of Detroit, while also showing conversations with the rapper as he tells stories of growing up in the city.



Atrocity Exhibition is due out in September.

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