Back in 2010 Damon Dash’s sons mother Linda Williams filed a $1 million lawsuit against him for falsely accusing her of violating her restraining order and having her arrested. The case finally made its way in front of a judge on Friday, and on his way into court Damon Dash ranted at the assembled media for only reporting negative things about him.

Here is what Dame Dash wrote on social media:

Funny how pathetic the ny post and daily news writers look when asked questions…these are the nerds that dare have an opinion on what I’m doing….these squares that can only survive speaking on other people…I feel sorry for there lame life’s…I’ll give names later #thenotf**kingaroundcrew #realmenwin #tycoonsh*t and please don’t think I’m mad I’m just having a lil fun.

Dame makes a good point, you only hear about negative things when it comes to a lot of hip hop celebrities. Why is the NY Post even concerned with what he has going on ? Whether what Dame Dash is doing negative or positive, he is not even associated with any main stream artist right now ? So why is this even news ? I'm sure that Dame Dash's life isn't negativity. Do you think media does a fair job when reporting on Hip Hop celebrities ?

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