DaBaby has been working so hard dropping music that he hasn't gotten to fully enjoy all of the amenities in his home.

The North Carolina rapper shared on his Instagram story on Tuesday night (April 28) that he forgot he has a movie theater at his very fingertips. "No bullshit, I just had to stop and pull my phone out ’cause this shit just tripped me out," he said in the video. "No cap, no funny shit. I ain't tryna flex or nothin’. I forgot I had a fuckin’ movie theater in my crib."

Baby then referred to someone else in his home, who couldn't be seen in the clip, informing them that it slipped his mind that he has his own theater. "Aye, bruh," the rapper continued while laughing. You know I forgot I had a movie theater? I swear to God, aye. I swear to God I forgot that shit was in there."

The "Rockstar" rhymer gave an additional tour of another room in the house, which was a barbershop. The room was equipped with a red leather barber chair and a red, white and blue barber pole located on the wall right outside of the room.

DaBaby is clearly enjoying the fruits of his labor. On Sunday (April 26), Billboard reported that he scored his second No. 1 album on the Hot 100 chart with Blame It on Baby. The effort earned 124,000 equivalent units in the U.S. a week after it was released on April 17.

Blame It on Baby is the follow-up to Baby's sophomore album, Kirk, which also landed at No. 1 shortly after it dropped.

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