With Donald Trump possibly eyeing another presidential run in 2024, the business mogul might have one rapper who will support him—DaBaby. Recently, the North Carolina rapper revealed his support for Trump because he pardoned Kodak Black.

In an interview with Full Send Podcast, which premiered on July 22 on YouTube, DaBaby shared his thoughts on Kanye West trying to be president back in 2020. The “Rockstar” rapper said he would have voted for Ye because “he’s gangsta.”

When the show’s co-host, Kyle Forgeard, asked DaBaby does he fuck with Donald Trump, he replied, “Do I fuck with Trump? Now, hell yeah,” at the 54-minute mark in the video below.

Forgeard then asked him, “What made you fuck with him?” The Billion Dollar Entertainment head honcho responded, “Trump is a gangsta.”

“Nigga let Kodak out,” he added, referring to Trump commutating Kodak Black’s prison sentence during his final days in office in January of 2021.

But DaBaby may have an ulterior motive for his now support of Trump. The 30-year-old rapper hopes he could possibly get his cousin out of prison if he does become president in 2024.

“I need him to get my cousin out...yeah California,” he stated. “If you need a new campaign partner Trump when you come back around, holla at me, man. I mean, I can swap it out and get my cousin out for sure. He's a political prisoner.”

DaBaby is not the only rapper who supported Donald Trump in the past. Rappers like 50 Cent, Lil Pump, Asian Doll and others have advocated for the businessman during his presidential run in 2020.

Watch DaBaby’s Interview With Full Send Podcast Below

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