Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he's not sure if children will return to the classroom this fall.

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Back in March, students and teachers across New York were pulled from the classroom to try and slow the spread of COVID-19. Cuomo later announced students wouldn't return to the classroom until at least the fall. All learning as been done remotely and summer school sessions will be taking place online this summer.

Summer vacation is underway or near for most students in New York, but it's still unclear if schools will be reopened in the fall. As of this writing, Cuomo doesn't know either.

"We don't know for sure yet. We have to see where the virus is. We are in very good shape in New York right now. There are question marks. Nationwide, globally there are question marks. Is there a second wave? Is there a resurgence? There are national question marks. These other states going up,” Cuomo said during his COVID-19 briefing. “To say today, as we sit here in June, what is going to happen in September? Nobody can tell you. Nobody can answer that question. Think where we are today to September, and think of the period in time backwards. That’s 100 days. Three months the whole world changed.”

On Thursday, Cuomo did announce New York State is issuing guidance to colleges and universities to allow some face to face classes for the fall semester if the data allows for in-person instruction. Campuses must develop a plan and file those plans with New York State. Cuomo wants colleges to come up with reopening, monitoring, containment and shutdown plans for the fall.

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