Top health officials warn COVD is still spreading at high rates in many parts of New York State. Officials say masks should be worn in some areas, along with other COVID precautions.

On Friday, the CDC updated the metrics it uses for recommending masks.

"We’re in a stronger place today as a nation with more tools to protect ourselves in our communities from COVID 19, like vaccination, boosters, broader access to testing, availability of high-quality masks, accessibility to new treatments, and improved ventilation," CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said Friday.

Woman face in medical mask portrait. Girl wearing protective face mask. Flu epidemic and virus protection concept

The new framework moves beyond just looking at cases and test positivity to evaluate factors that reflect the severity of disease, including hospitalizations and hospital capacity.

The new metrics determine whether the level of COVID 19 and severe disease are low, medium, or high in a community.

Giulio Fornasar
Giulio Fornasar

The CDC now says masks only need to be worn when a community is at a high level. Still, a number of counties in New York are considered to have high COVID transmission.

Below are what prevention steps should be taken for each COVID-19 community level

Below are the counties the CDC says have high COVID transmission.

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