Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reminding New Yorkers outdoor drinking is not allowed in New York State.

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Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said we are in a "man-made" second wave while announcing many new regulations for all New York bars and restaurants.

Starting last Friday, bars and restaurants across New York State can only serve alcohol to people who also order food and there will be no walk-up bar service. Officials also say all service at bar tops must only be for seated customers who are socially distanced by six feet or separated by physical barriers and also eating.

Cuomo also announced there will be additional regulations on bars and restaurants in New York City. A new three strikes and your "closed" policy. He said after three violations a business will be closed immediately in New York City. He said the three strike rule applies only to New York City, but added it could be implemented for the rest of state.

On Monday, Cuomo said he might be forced to close all New York bars and restaurants. He said there were more reports of crowding and mask violations at bars and restaurants across New York, but mostly in New York City.

Cuomo called again on the local governments and local police departments to enforce the law and make sure bars aren't overcrowded and people are wearing masks. He added, his hand is being forced and if it continues he's going to be forced to rollback his reopening plans.

"If it happens, we are going to have rollback the opening plan and we are going to have close bars and restaurants," Cuomo said. The bad operators will make it bad for everyone. We will have to rollback the bar and restaurant openings if the congregations continue."

On Tuesday, he reminded New Yorkers outdoor drinking is now allowed.

"Let's be clear. Outdoor dining is now permitted statewide. Outside drinking is not," Cuomo tweeted. "The state will suspend liquor licenses for businesses in violation of health orders. Local governments must also enforce these rules. We need compliance to stop the spread and keep New Yorkers safe."

Also on Tuesday, Cuomo announced the New York State Liquor Authority suspended the license of four bars and restaurants in downstate New York.

Three in businesses in Queens and one in Suffolk County lost its liquor license. The list of establishments whose licenses were suspended is below:

    • Brik Bar in Astoria
    • MIA in Astoria
    • Maspeth Pizza in Maspeth
    • Secrets Gentlemen's Club in Deer Park on Long Island

"The restaurants and bars that encourage young people to congregate threaten to bring us back to the hell we experienced three months ago - yesterday, the State Liquor Authority suspended the liquor licenses of four bars and restaurants. This is a dangerous situation, and the bad operators will make it worse for themselves and everyone, so be smart, wear a mask, stay New York Tough," Cuomo said in a press release.

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