The ban on non-essential travel to Canada is set to expire May 21st.

As businesses resume operating at higher capacities and larger crowds begin returning to sporting events and, when could travel north of the border resume? Non-essential travel between the United States and Canada has been shut down since March of 2020, but according to a New York Upstate report that could change soon as United States Senator Chuck Schumer from New York is making a push for a plan to reopen the border with our friends to the North.

Schumer is not only pushing so families can visit, but also from a tourism and business perspective as Canada is one of our big trade partners. Areas like the Finger Lakes rely heavily on visitors from Canada to drive business. NYUP says Schumer thinks a plan should come from the President, and travel could first be opened back up to vaccinated individuals and those who have ", educational, medical, or property interests in either country."

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