Governor Cuomo recently targeted June as a potential timeframe for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

This is a discussion and debate that has been going on now in New York. Lately, it has felt more like a matter of when, not if, marijuana would become legal in the Empire State. According to a News 10 report, that could be this summer: Governor Cuomo 'hopes' legalization will take place by June. The hold up at this point is finalizing a plan for how the state will regulate the sale and use of the drug.

If you dig a little deeper online, by 'plan' you will see a big issue is money: The Buffalo News says part of the hold up lies with officials trying to determine how tax revenue generated by the sale of marijuana would be used.

Whatever happens with this one, you are sure to hear more about this process. Regardless of where you stand on legalization, if it finally happens maybe a tax on marijuana can keep us from getting new taxes elsewhere!

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