Have you ever accidentally spilled a drink on a book? It’s a situation with a very low chance of recovery. When I was a kid, I spilled a Sprite on a Pokémon book my parents checked out from the library. It was a paperback. I remember it swelling up three times its normal size and never returning to its original state. The library, probably needless to say, did not accept it back.

One of Colonie Center’s most popular stores is reliving my shame on a much larger scale after weekend flooding. According to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, they’re shut down until further notice.

What Store In Colonie Center Is Closed Indefinitely?


Bad news for bookworms, as Barnes and Noble shut its doors on Saturday. The social media posts direct customers to the Saratoga Springs branch or the Barnes and Noble website.

According to a sighting reported by the Times Union, a commercial flood recovery and restoration service was seen parked outside the front doors with a large, long hose snaking into the store. Fortunately, a Sunday tweet from the Barnes and Noble Colonie account does make the reopening sound like it will occur sooner rather than later.

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Let's all take a moment to wish the very best to those less fortunate novels on the bottom shelves, unless its a copy of Beowulf. Nobody (English majors excluded) likes Beowulf.

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