When I first read the title I was like "Nooo, you can't take this mall away" but as I read more into the "Sale " part of it , it could mean a few different things.Colonie Center mall has been in the area for years and the last time it was brought out and sold was almost nearly six years ago according to

. It is also noted that about 77,000 cars pass by the mall everyday.

The mall being up for sale  would allow for the new buyer to come in with a fresh plan for the mall, maybe bring in new stores and recreational operations like they have in Cross gates Mall. It could potentially be a huge upscale in foot traffic to the mall and surrounding areas.

I don't however think the next buyer would take away the mall as Colonie Mall is the second largest and the busiest mall in the Albany area. Also Macy's and Whole foods which is connected to he mall are privately owned. But it would be up to the next buyer. The building was last sold for 106 million and I would imagine its a little more now.

Colonie Center
Colonie Center

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