People in the real estate industry will tell you that homes are selling so quickly - and at such inflated prices -  that your purchasing dollar may not stretch as far as it used to.  For example, a home you may purchase for $200,000 in 2021, is a far cry from what you could have had in 2018.

But how much home can you get for a little over a thousand dollars?   A home in Troy recently went on sale for an insanely low amount of money.

$1,234 dollars to be exact.   Granted, you're going to have to pump tens of thousand of dollars into it to make it livable, but you can see the potential in the old colonial that was listed yesterday on the Facebook page 518 Online Garage Sale.

Tom Roland, the owner of the 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom property listed it for $1,234 which seems incredibly cheap considering that at the very least, it's a really nice looking property.  For just over a thousand bucks, it could be yours, but be prepared.  It needs a lot of work.

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Photo: 518 Online Garage Sale
Photo: 518 Online Garage Sale

In the description of the home, it was made perfectly clear that this is a project and not ready to be lived in quite yet.  On the post, Roland wrote, "If you are not extremely handy, or rather wealthy, this is NOT the house for you. Complete remodel needed on the inside. The shell is in decent shape. Downstairs gutted. New insulation. Upstairs livable but dated. Functioning kitchen, bath, bedroom. A few small roof leaks but other than that the slate is in solid shape."

While it hasn't been confirmed, it's likely that some of you who grew up in - and are familiar with Troy -  may actually recognize this building.  More than a few people commented that they remember this being their pediatrician's office when they were much younger.

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