Another day, another new development in the death of Whitney Houston. After reports that Raffles van Exel removed the cocaine from her hotel room after her death emerged, TMZ is now claiming that cocaine actually was, in fact, found in Houston’s room.

Official documents reported that “white, powdery remnants” were found in Houston’s room, and that tests later proved the substance to be cocaine. Furthermore, detectives are not investigating who may have removed cocaine from Houston’s room because the drug was found and is currently in possession of the authorities.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that authorities wanted to investigate van Exel about the removal of the drug from Houston’s hotel room following his own admission of cleaning the scene.  “The cops want to know who provided Whitney with the cocaine, but if someone tampered with the death scene, well, that could be against the law in California. Investigators have tried to make contact with Van Exel, but have been unable to do so. Since Van Exel is from Denmark, investigators assume that he may no longer be in the United States, and they very much want to talk to him.”

Houston’s official cause of death was listed as drowning, but cocaine was found in her system at the time of her passing. She was 48.