A Pilot for Southwest airlines was charged in connection with a gun found at the Albany International airport yesterday. The 55 year old pilot was traveling from New Orleans to Albany and forgot the gun was in his travel bag.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Erik Gibson was slated to pilot a flight to Tampa, Florida, on Monday morning when Transportation Security Administration officers found the gun during routine screening. Apple said Gibson was charged with misdemeanor weapon possession and released on $200 bail.

How do you make this kind of mistake when you travel on a day to day basis? This pilot joins the list of rappers who have gotten caught traveling with weapons.

Too $hort, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Joc and Petey Pablo have all had brushes with the law for conceal weapon traveling. Most of the times when the rappers get caught with weapons, they have a similar defense that they simply forgot they had the gun with them.

This pilot getting caught with a handgun raises a bigger question. Why did he have the gun in the first place ? If you fire a weapon during flight raises the potential danger while in the air. So why even bring a gun a to your job anyway ?

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