Plans to build a sports complex both indoor and outside in Clifton Park are not settling well with residents in that area. In a Town Board meeting on Monday, many people who oppose the idea said it is too close to a conservation-residential zoning area.

What is Being Proposed in that Area?

Paul Rogan who used to own the Sportsplex of Halfmoon is proposing a smaller complex on Route 146A in Clifton Park. The new facility would be different than the other facility. It would only be a 45,800 square-foot sports complex and would take up about 8 acres. He wants to build, in his words, a much-needed turf soccer field that would be enclosed for the winter and used for youth sports like soccer, flag football, lacrosse, and other sports according to the Daily Gazette.

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Clifton Park Residents Call a Foul on the Plans

Rogan claims that the traffic and the number of people going in and out of the facility would be minimal and similar to the footgolf business that existed in that area. Some homeowners say that's just not true. The footgolf didn't attract a lot of participants and it didn't run late into the night. Another resident said the new complex would be a dramatic change. Others say that the area in the western part of town is known as "Forever Green". This means the environmental lands are protected from development. They also believe it may reduce property values in that area.

Rogan Stated That it Wouldn't Be Much Different

He said a turf space is needed in the area and would give recreational opportunities indoors where there is nothing like it. He also stated that it would allow small groups of 30 to 40 people to rent the space, especially on weekends and nights. But he also told the board that the space wouldn't be big enough to hold a tournament of any kind.

Rogan equated the space to a three-bedroom, single-family residence where it would use a similar amount of water.

More Meetings Will be Held

There will be more discussions and meetings about the proposed plan.

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